West Oakland Music Systems is a small team of synthesizer enthusiasts based in Oakland, California that make performance-oriented Eurorack modules.

If you would like to stay informed about what West Oakland Music Systems is up to, feel free to stay in touch with us on any of the following internets:

Below are some potential reasons why you may enjoy our modular offerings:

Lake Merrit


At its core, each module performs a single function. This function can be used to generate interesting, useful, musical results. Getting familiar with a module's behavior should come naturally.



Our modules are fun to tweak. These are modules you want to touch. Modules you want to interact with. Modules you want within arm's reach.

Illuminated Knob

Illuminated Knobs

Our knobs light up! You can always see what your West Oakland Music Systems modules' parameters are set to, especially in the darkest of performance environments.


Mutes On Outputs

Our instruments are literally mutable (in the audio/CV output sense of the word). We like mutes on outputs. We don't think there are enough in the world.